How Your Business Can Continue to Build Relationships with Customers During COVID-19

With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic going on, many normal interactions and opportunities have come to a halt, including business interactions. It may seem like the impossible to reach out and build relationships with customers. However, despite social distancing and lack of face-to-face interaction, your business can still continue to build relationships with your customers.

Evaluate and Improve the Customer Experience

This is a prime opportunity to really focus on your customers’ experience with your business. Now is a great time to step back, evaluate, and create a plan for improvement. You can work on new ways to offer your services without requiring physical contact or proximity with your customers, and work on making your customer experience more interactive. Providing interactive customer experiences is a great way to reach out and let your customers know that you care about them. It can be simple and easy. Tap into your data in order to better understand the demographic of your customers and tailor the experience to their specific needs and wants.

Stay Present on Social Media

It is essential that your business stays present on social media. Reach out and respond to customers on different social media platforms. When face-to-face communication is limited, put extra effort into engaging with your audience on social media. Answer their questions, involve them on your social media accounts by seeking their attention through questions of your own, and keep posting. Maintain your consistency, even in difficult times.

During the pandemic, be sure to distribute messages of solidarity. In these messages, do not try to market or sell your product. Instead, reassure your customers that you are there for them. This will build feelings of connection between your business and your individual customers.


Keep communicating with your customers, now more than ever. Check in on them, whether over the phone or through email. Update them about your response to COVID-19, new policies, and plan of action for eventual reopening. Keep them involved and in the loop, and always maintain a calm voice.

Consider creating a live chat service for your website in order to boost your communication capabilities and show customers you are always there to help. Create tutorials and/or fun videos for your customers to watch. Perhaps you can host live events over video chat services.

Keeping your business-customer relationship alive during a global pandemic doesn’t have to feel impossible; in fact, the reality is quite the contrary. Not only can you maintain your relationships with your clients, you can strengthen them. Keep communicating, utilize your social media accounts, and dedicate energy to improving your customer experience.

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